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The British Scoliosis Society represents surgeons, healthcare workers and researchers interested in the nature of and treatment of scoliosis and complex spine disorders in children and adults.
The society considers applications from both inside and outside of the United Kingdom. We also encourage membership from surgeons in training and non medical practitioners interested in complex reconstructive surgery.
Membership secures access to the website and free access to Espine (an online learning resource).

Membership categories are:

Active Medical Clinician (Consultant)

£100 annual fee (full voting rights)

Active Non Clinician / Non Medical

£30 annual fee (full voting rights)

Trainee / Associate  

£30 annual fee (full voting rights)

Retired / Honorary 

Free (no voting rights)

To join you must be nominated by 2 existing members and then voted in at the Annual General Meeting. You can initiate this process online by completing the application form. The form allows you to identify 2 members that will nominate you. Once confirmatory emails are received your name will be forwarded to the next AGM and membership activated once approved at the AGM


Please select 2 current members that have agreed to nominate you